Caterpillar C3.3B Platinum Long Block

Caterpillar C3.3B - Replacement Engine

Caterpillar C3.3B Common Rail, Platinum Long Block, Re-manufactured with OEM Parts, Arraignment 345-3550 

This is a plug-and-play Long Block engine for many Caterpillar D-series skid loaders, compact track loaders, and multi-terrain loaders.
We offer a quality, re-manufactured Cat 3.3B engine. These engines are completely disassembled and each part is meticulously inspected. After inspection, the engine is reassembled in a clean environment.

The Platinum Long Block includes the cylinder block rotating assembly, camshaft, cylinder head, rocker arms, and water pump.  We also send gasket, seals and assembly instructions with the Platinum Long Block.

The customer supplies the fuel system, turbo, EGR system, and exhaust system.

We offer a comprehensive warranty of 180 days with unlimited hours.
To find out more about our re-manufactured Cat 3.3B engines, give us a call! 

The price includes the return of a rebuildable core. 

We collect a $2000 core deposit that will be refunded when a rebuildable core is returned.

To order or for more info, give us a call!