Mitsubishi S4S-T

Mitsubishi S4S Re-manufactured 4-Cylinder Turbo Diesel.

These engines are built to fit Rosco Sweepers, Toro mowers, Pavers, and other power equipment.

We offer a quality, re-manufactured Mitsubishi S4S 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine . These engines are completely disassembled and each part is inspected meticulously.

The engine is then reassembled in a clean environment and dyno tested before shipping. Dyno testing ensures that there are no leaks and that proper break-in has begun.

No changes have to be made to fit your machine. There is no need to change manifolds, flywheel housings, crankshaft pulleys, water pumps, or turbos.

Each re-manufactured Mitsubishi S4S 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine is shipped full of oil and primed with fuel. You can have your machine back in the dirt just hours after receiving your re-manufactured engine.

We offer a comprehensive warranty of 180 days with unlimited hours.

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